First Ever Tourney in Laredo Earns Media Coverage

The first ever water polo tournament in Laredo history was played on Saturday, March 23rd. Coach Maritza Gomez and her Laredo Area Aquatics club hosted the Laredo Seven Banderas Tournament, a three team tournament with PSJA ISD and McAllen High School traveling to the event. The games were played at the City of Laredo Inner City Pool, under the sun, and with a ton of fans in the stands cheering on the athletes.

The event received major coverage by local English- and Spanish-language media outlets, all linked after the results posted below.

10:30 PSJA-14 v. Laredo Area Aquatics-1 (Boys)
11:15 PSJA-13 v. Laredo Area Aquatics-1 (Girls)
12:00 PSJA-8 v. McAllen-7 (Boys)
12:45 PSJA-8 v. McAllen-8 (Girls)
1:30 Laredo Area Aquatics-3 v. McAllen-12 (Boys)
2:15 Laredo Area Aquatics-0 v. McAllen-8 (Girls)
3:00 Laredo Lifeguards-7 v. McAllen Boys-8 (Exhibition)

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