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Link to TISCA West Region Schedule: 2022 TISCA West Region Schedule 

Link to Rio Grande Valley Schedule: RGV Schedule (TBD)

Link to TISCA Guidelines from 2021: TISCA Water Polo COVID-19 Safety Guidelines and Procedures

Score Reporting:  Please submit all weeknight, game day and tournament results to the West Region Chair ()


TASO Water Polo Division Announcement: Includes Steps to Referee and How to become a TASO Water Polo Referee


West Region Referee Request Procedure. Contact: Peng Lu:

TASO 2021 Assignor Fees

NOTE: The 2022 invoice will be updated when ready. Please budget this into your Spring fees. All teams participating in the 2022 TISCA season are responsible for the TASO season fee

TASO Newsletter (coming)


The Texas Water Polo Academy includes links to educational resources, live education sessions, and other materials.


UIL Fall 2022 Dates Proposal: More information will come out from TISCA and the UIL as we progress through the year.

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TISCA Policies and Procedures 

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All coaches must be TISCA registered ($40 annual fee): TISCA Membership


West Region Tournament Information (TBD)

Tournament Schedule (TBD)

West Region Tournament Entry Form (Due April 11th-will be posted at a later date)

West Region Coaches Committee: Please email Allie if you would like to be a part of the committee. Responsible for helping seed the West Region Tournament

Region Chair: Allie Hill, LASA High School

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West Region Chair: Allie Hill. Contact:

If you would like to be added to the West Region email list please contact Allie.