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2020 TISCA Water Polo Season Cancelled

TISCA West High School Water Polo Coaches,

Please see the below email from Scott Slay, the TISCA Water Polo Chair. The remainder of the TISCA Water Polo high school season has been cancelled. The past couple of seasons (including 2020) have been a great step forward for water polo in Texas. As Scott mentions, there is a lot to look forward to. Please review the below email, and let me know if you have any questions. Please feel free to email anytime.

Take care, be safe, and stay healthy.



I am sad to announce that we will be canceling the remainder of the TISCA Water Polo season. With the UIL cancelation of spring sports we must follow this decision. Thank you so much for using patience during this time. We will be back next spring and we have a lot to look forward to.

Big things are happening on the UIL front.

Something else to look forward to is the TISCA fall clinic where Guy Baker is slated to be our guest clinician. If you do not know who Guy Baker is he was the US National Women’s team coach for the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympics. He laid the foundation for our women’s team being the best in the world.


Below are some things our coaches can do during this time:


  1. Support our athletes. They will be rightfully upset by this decision.
  2. Recruit coaches and officials for a sport that is about to explode in popularity.
  3. Study up on the game! Do a webinar. Read from the txwaterpolo.com education page. There are so many resources there to utilize.

Be excited for our future and proud of our past. Better days are ahead of us.


Thank you for all that you do,


Scott Slay


TISCA Water Polo Chair

Thank you,

Ms. Allie Hill
Pre-AP Biology
Water Polo Coach
Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA)
7309 Lazy Creek Dr.
Austin, Texas 78724

UIL Extends Ban on Competition to May

Hi all,

The UIL has send out an update regarding contests, please click here for the UIL Press Release. An excerpt:

We have previously communicated that all UIL activities are suspended until March 30th. Given information related to school closures available at this time, we are extending that timeframe. UIL games and contests will resume no earlier than Monday, May 4th. Prior to that date, to allow students and schools to reenter competition, UIL will provide a reasonable acclimatization period for rehearsals and practices to occur, consistent with the advice of local, state and federal officials. We will reevaluate the beginning dates for practices and rehearsals as we receive more information about schools resuming.

Due to school closures and the updated statement from the UIL, the TISCA Water Polo Board has decided to tentatively shift Region Championships to early/mid May and the Texas High School State Tournament tentatively shifted to late May. Specific dates/locations are TBD. Updates regarding local West Region tournaments will be sent to everyone as more information comes out. NOTE: This is all pending the UIL decision for Spring Sports. TISCA Water Polo will follow what the UIL is doing with their Spring Sports.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions,

Thank you,

Ms. Allie Hill
Pre-AP Biology
Water Polo Coach
Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA)
7309 Lazy Creek Dr.
Austin, Texas 78724

Statement on COVID-19 and TISCA Water Polo Season

To all TISCA Water Polo West Region coaches, athletes, families and supporters:

On March 14, 2020, TISCA Water Polo Chairman Scott Slay announced that TISCA Water Polo will follow the UIL playing guidelines sent out regarding COVID-19. The UIL has halted all athletic competitions until March 29th. If you have any competitions scheduled from now until the 29th, please cancel the event and send out a notice to the coaches and teams who were involved in that competition.

  • The Waco Tournament on Saturday, March 21st is now cancelled. Dan Marlin has let me know Midway ISD is closed for the next two weeks and not permitting extra-curricular activities of any kind.
  • The AQTX Tournament at Round Rock on Saturday, March 28th is now cancelled. James Smith will post on update on this on the TISCA West Website.
  • Dan Marlin has let me know that as of right now the West Region Tournament on April 10-11 is still on at the Waco YMCA.

At this time we do not have any other updates from TISCA on changes to the state tournament (May 1-2 in Houston) or the remainder of the season. This is all pending UIL competition updates we get in the next few weeks. Please follow your school districts policy on cancellation of extra curricular activities and we will try to reschedule games as needed. At this point I think we can all agree the safety of the players and community is our top priority.

I will send out updates as we hear from our school districts and TISCA, please reach out with any additional questions.

Thank you,

Ms. Allie Hill
TISCA Water Polo West Region Representative

Statement on UIL Approval of Water Polo Pilot

I wanted to send an update as water polo has officially been approved as a UIL pilot program for the beginning of the Fall in 2021! Here is an article released by TXWaterPolo on the approval. And a podcast featuring James Smith and Joe Linehan discussing the news.

At this time we know there are many questions with how the next season will work and our plans moving forward. For now, we anticipate the upcoming season for the Spring of 2020 will operate similar to how it has in years past. Updates will be sent as we hear more from the UIL.

Troy Goddard, North Region Rep, is collecting questions you may have at this google form.

You can also view additional resources at the new TISCA Page under the water polo tab.

Last, below is a message from Scott Slay, TISCA Water Polo chair:

I am sure you have heard from others or through social media that the UIL has approved a pilot program for Texas HS Water Polo beginning in the fall of 2021. We are very excited moving forward and I am sure many of you have questions.
More details to follow but get ready for a very exciting time in the history of Texas Water Polo.


Thank you so much to everyone who has pushed this over the past few years and a special shout out to Melissa Howard and the TISCA board.



Scott Slay
TISCA Water Polo

Please feel free to reach out with any questions and/or concerns,
Thank you,

Ms. Allie Hill
Pre-AP Biology
Water Polo Coach
Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA)
7309 Lazy Creek Dr.
Austin, Texas 78724

UIL Update: TISCA Needs Your Help

For the past seven years representatives of only one sport not currently sponsored by the body have attended every UIL Legislative Council Meeting. On June 10 representatives of TISCA and USA Water Polo again took part in the meeting with some encouraging results. But there’s more work to do and TISCA, including the West Region Committee, strongly encourages families and supporters of the sport to act on the information presented below.

Joe Linehan, Director of Texas Growth for USA Water Polo, has sent most members of the water polo community the following email regarding UIL sponsorship of water polo. You may have already received it. If not, we urge you to read it and act.

On Tuesday – June 10th, TISCA Water Polo attended the annual June meeting of the UIL Legislative Council (Council meets every June and October). In an attempt to pursue the UIL sanctioning of water polo, TISCA Water Polo has been attending the UIL Legislative Council meetings every June and October for the past seven years (Chris Cullen, Mac McDonald, and Joe Linehan). Much progress has been made toward the UIL sanctioning of the sport through organized and deliberate presentations at the UIL meetings, grass roots development at the high school level throughout the state (including Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, and El Paso in the West Region), TISCA support of adding water polo as a sanctioned sport, and conversations throughout with the UIL Staff and Superintendents that attend the annual meetings.

At [the June 10] meeting, the UIL Legislative Council decided to send a survey to all Superintendents throughout the state of Texas in August and September  of 2019. This previously occurred in 2014 and again in 2016. The initial survey in 2014 showed there was enough support to “continue to monitor” the sports growth. The survey in 2016 showed a tremendous increase of school district interest of wanting to participate in the sport, but the support fell just short of the majority of Superintendents (came in at 47%). Since 2016, the sport has continued to grow state wide with the total number of schools playing at some level this past spring at 170+ schools (most playing both boys and girls). Just ten years ago, there were less than 50 schools playing the sport in Texas.

In anticipation of the UIL survey in August/September, we need former players, parents, supporters of the sport, masters players, etc. to contact their local Superintendents and encourage them to support the addition of water polo as a UIL sanctioned sport on the upcoming survey (contact Superintendents via email, letter, in person meeting, etc.).

Please use positive and area-specific language when contacting your local Superintendent. Below is a list of the major talking points that support the addition of water polo for the UIL. Please select 2-3 of below bullet points and elaborate on the why these issues are important for your area/school district (no need to copy/paste the entire list). If possible, please encourage friends/family to also contact their local Superintendents in their area of the state. The more positive support from parents/supporters of the sport the better.

Top Reasons to Add Water Polo as a UIL Sanctioned Sport:

  • Low Cost to Implement and Maintain the Program
  • Low Athlete Injury Risk; Low Organizational Risk
  • Attracts High Achieving Student-Athletes, High Character & Education Driven Athletes
  • Promotes Team Concept, Builds Camaraderie, & Increases Self-Esteem
  • Excellent Sport for Both Genders (Year-Round Aquatic Season)
  • Grow All Aquatic Sports by Attracting Athletes to Aquatic Facilities
  • Utilize Pools After Swim Season (Does Not Require Additional Facilities)
  • A Place for Athletes Offseason/Cross-training
  • Education Mission: Minimum Missed School Days
  • TISCA Water Polo Already Adheres to UIL Standards
  • Regulation of the Fastest Growing High School Sport in Texas
  • Proven NCAA Opportunities for Student-Athletes & Olympic Success
  • USA Water Polo Education & Technical Assistance
  • Spectator Friendly Sport, and IT’S FUN!

Thank you in your support of TISCA Water Polo’s/USA Water Polo’s efforts in making water polo the next UIL Sanctioned Sport in Texas.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks and take care.

Joe Linehan
USA Water Polo – Texas Development
[email protected]