TISCA Girls Water Polo History

YearChampionsRunners UpCoach of the YearPlayer of the Year
2020-21Flower MoundSouthlake CarrollTroy Goddard (Flower Mound)Addison McGowan (Flower Mound)
2019-20Cancelled due to Covid-19
2018-19FosterSouthlake CarrollScott Slay (Foster)Maddie Jacks (Foster)
2017-18GuyerSouthlake CarrollChris Cullen (Guyer)Katherine Cullen (Guyer)
2016-17Cypress CreekSt. AgnesJeff Chandler (Cy Creek)Katherine Cullen (Guyer)
2015-16Cypress CreekSouthlake CarrollSydney Coachmann (Cypress Creek)
2014-15Southlake CarrollClear SpringsAllie Hill (Sterling)Cassie Woodruff (Sterling)
2013-14SterlingCypress CreekAllie Hill (Sterling)Cassie Woodruff (Sterling)
2012-13SterlingClear LakeTJ Markiewicz (Sterling)Darla Vasquez (Sterling)
2011-12Clear CreekClear LakeAshley Johnson (Clear Lake)Taylor Silva (Clear Lake)
2010-11SterlingClear Lake
2009-10SterlingStratfordTJ Markiewicz (Sterling)Amy Olsen (Sterling)
2008-09SterlingStratfordScott Slay (Sterling)Amy Olsen (Sterling) & Kelsey Loux (Stratford)
2007-08SterlingClear LakeScott Slay (Sterling)Amy Olsen (Sterling)
2006-07HumbleSterlingChuck Blackman (Humble)Maggie Eicks (Humble)
2005-06Cypress CreekHumbleChuck Blackman (Humble)Kristen Barnett (Clear Lake)
2004-05Clear LakeCypress CreekBrad Schurdell (Clear Brook)Sarah Larson (Cypress Creek)
2003-04Cypress CreekClear LakeEric Sharar (Cypress Creek)Haley Cheaney (Cypress Creek) & Laura Timmerman (Westside)
2002-03HumbleSterlingWill Haltom (Clear Creek)Jan Baldwin (Sterling)
2001-02SterlingClear LakeJohn Webb (Cypress Creek)Shelby Slay (Sterling)
2000-01Clear CreekClear LakeWill Haltom (Clear Creek)Aggie DeLeon (Sterling)
1999-00Cypress CreekClear BrookJohn Webb (Cypress Creek)Kaitlin Kelly (Cypress Creek)
1998-99Cypress CreekSaint Agnes AcademyJohn Webb (Cypress Creek)Jenny Edwards (St. Agnes)
1997-98Saint Agnes AcademyClear LakeBob Horn (St. Agnes)Jenny Edwards (St. Agnes)
1996-97Clear LakeCypress CreekTom Langraf (Clear Lake)Jennifer Johnston (Clear Lake)
1995-96Clear LakeSterlingDoug Andrew (S.A. Marshall)Megan Allen (Sterling)
1994-95SterlingClear LakeTom Langraf (Clear Lake)Holly Kincaid (S.A. Clark)
1993-94HumbleCypress CreekJohn Webb (Cypress Creek)Jennifer McFerrin (Humble)
1992-93SterlingJohn MarshallSteve McDonald (Sterling)Suzanne Wingenter (Marshall)
1991-92Cypress CreekSterlingJohn Webb (Cypress Creek)Teri Mullins (Cypress Creek)
1990-91Clear BrookWilliam H. TaftSven Schultz (Clear Brook)Jennifer Banda (Taft)
1989-90Clear CreekCypress CreekJef Kerrigan (Clear Creek)Carol Atchison (Clear Creek)
1988-89William H. TaftJohn MarshallDoug Andrew (S.A. Marshall)Shannon Denson (S.A. Marshall)
1987-88John MarshallTom ClarkBruce Lester (S.A. Taft)Shannon Denson (S.A. Marshall)
1986-87Tom ClarkAlamo HeightsJim Yates (Alamo Heights)Brenda Reiton (Alamo Heights)
1985-96Tom ClarkJohn MarshallKurt Swanson (S.A. Clark)Laura Williams (S.A. Clark)
1984-85Tom ClarkJohn MarshallMark Elley (S.A. Clark)Sandy McDonald (S.A. Clark)
1983-84Tom ClarkJohn MarshallMark Elley (S.A. Clark)Laura Crutsinger (S.A. Marshall)
1982-83John MarshallTom ClarkScott Zolinski (S.A. Clark)Mary Ellen Vetters (S.A. Clark)
1979-80Alamo Heights
1977-78Clear CreekAlamo HeightsJoe Carpenter (Clear Creek)Trudy Glancy (Clear Creek)
1972-73Clear CreekClear LakeBarbara German (A&M Consol)